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Ecwid Acquired by Lightspeed

This is big news. Ecwid has gone from a simple payment gateway to a mini-Shopify to, I assume, a direct competitor to Shopify with the weight and financing of Lightspeed. Lightspeed will gain a foothold in a new and growing market segment. Of course we need to get some details from the press release, Lightspeed […]

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Elementor’s PayPal Button

Lost in March Madness was the launch of Elementor’s PayPal button, PR Newswire, Elementor Launches PayPal Button Widget to Boost E-commerce Capabilities for Businesses Moving Online: “This new widget widens customer bases to those who are less comfortable sharing credit card details online, simplifying payment collection with one of the world’s most reputable online payment […]

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GoDaddy Amps Up WooCommerce Offering

With GoDaddy Pro launching The Hub earlier this month, it looks like a full court press from GoDaddy on other aspects of the ecosystem. Over at TechRadar, GoDaddy and WordPress want to supercharge your ecommerce site: “Following its acquisition of SkyVerge last year, GoDaddy has announced that it will make the company’s WooCommerce extensions available […]

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Shared SMS Short Codes Ending

Have you ever wondered why the text message you received from your bank, and maybe added it to your contacts list, is suddenly coming from your dry cleaner? These five or six digit “phone numbers” are called SMS Short Codes. Like a web hosting provider which has shared or dedicated host, you can utilize shared […]

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WordFest, it’s around the corner!

As a media partner for WordFest, it is my great pleasure to let you know what WordFest, the festival of WordPress, is all about, and that it’s starting next Thursday/Friday (depends on your timezone!). Let me get this giant pet peeve out in the open, every time I see the title of the event I […]

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WooCommerce 2021, Ready to Explode

It’s been defrosting, marinating, percolating, however you want to describe the slow burn of WooCommerce over the last year, I believe that 2021 will be a breakout year for WooCommerce as a platform to start competing at a much greater level with Shopify, and BigCommerce. This will be propelled by Automattic providing greater tools and […]

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Ecommerce is 2021

Throughout 2020, you could see how the Big W of WordPress hosting companies (Automattic, GoDaddy, WP Engine, Bluehost, etc.) have slowly made their 2021 market intensions visible to the world. It’s hard to hide acquisitions, mostly because all those involved want to make some noise about it. The latest acquisition is Poynt courtesy of GoDaddy. […]

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Matt Mullenweg Talks WooCommerce

Actually WordPress Co-Founder and CEO of Automattic, Matt Mullenweg talks with BobWP and Jonathan Wold on the Do the Woo Podcast about a number of topics near and dear, WooCommerce being the lead topic but also a good portion on open source. So, about a year prior to [Automattic] doing the [WooCommerce] acquisition, I started […]

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Assorted Links

The post Black Friday, pre Cyber Monday, surviving the weekend, no 75% off, taking a breath and learning a little assorted links. Let’s do it! WordPress Themes for Consulting Business: “some of the most popular consulting WordPress themes” A load off the University of Helsinki‚Äôs mind: “5000 users over a period of 30 minutes” Optimizing […]