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Yats are the New Emoji

Sometimes I go down the rabbit hole on my own journeys for what’s going on across the internet. Sometimes someone is persistent enough about a new technology or application that it bears research, time, and even spending some money. Similar to how the PSL story was brought to my attention, kudos go out to Mike […]

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The Domain Privacy Battle

This topic is very interesting and yet at the same time – at least to me – difficult to grasp. I’m hoping in my discussing this here, I’ll actually understand it better. Let’s get to the topic at hand. There is something in the domain space called the PSL (Public Suffix List). So the first […]

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GoDaddy Adds To TLD Portfolio

Yes it’s an acronym in the title but otherwise it would be way too long, Top Level Domains (TLDs) are the end of any website address. We all know .com, .net, and .org from the beginning of the internet but now you can choose from a plethora of TLDs, which of course someone owns, manages, […]

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GoDaddy Acquires .Club

Another GoDaddy acquisition is in the books, from OnlineDomain, GoDaddy is acquiring the .Club domain extension: “Just weeks away from the 7th anniversary of the .Club launch, we are excited to announce that GoDaddy Registry is acquiring the .Club domain extension. This means, once the deal closes, the .Club extension will have a new home. Our team is infinitely grateful for the opportunity that allowed us to participate in this historical time for the domain name industry when […]

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In an update to the theft of, Brian D Foy tells us the whole story, The Hijacking of, and the What we think happened section is very enlightening: “This part veers into some speculation, and wasn’t the only victim. We think that there was a social engineering attack on Network Solutions, including […]

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.COM Price Increases Happening

We’ve hit the final four years of the negotiated six year periods between ICANN and Verisign. A “fiscal” year in this case goes from September through October. As reported last year in .COM Price Increase is No Big Deal, “Verisign and ICANN may agree to amend the .COM Registry Agreement to permit an increase to […]

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Buy the Internet for $35 Million

At least $35 million! has been privately trying to be placed for a few weeks now, I’ve been sitting on this for a bit since respecting your sources is important. Luckily for the public, now we can talk about it courtesy of Elliot Silver, at DomainInvesting, Goes Back on the Market: “Sealed bids […]

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Morning Coffee: .TRUST

So this is a little breaking news in the domain name ecosystem, fresh in my inbox from Jothan Frakes, .TRUST TLD moves from NCC Group to UNR (Uniregistry). There are so many top-level domains (TLDs) that it’s hard to keep track but surprised this one hasn’t had more play this year. In the domain name […]

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i2Coalition and The Domain Name Association Merge to Create North America’s Largest Internet Infrastructure Advocacy Group

Great news for two very important infrastructure organizations. I was able to catch up with Christian Dawson, Co-Founder of the i2Coalition, for a quick exclusive to ask what this means for end users, agencies, and site owners. Companies join trade associations to deal with issues on which they can achieve more together than they are […]