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CloudFest 2021 Recap Mashup

CloudFest 2021 was held March 23 – 25 online. Was going to do my own post conference review but I just didn’t have as much time to fully appreciate it that would warrant a recap. Luckily we have three other recaps from which we can pull. What is CloudFest? CloudFest has a long history and […]

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What for cPanel?

I’ve been following cPanel for a number of years and to be honest there hasn’t been a lot of movement at the organization in new directions for most of that time except for price hikes, being acquired by Oakley Capital in 2018, incorporated into WebPros, and then sold by Oakley to CVC Capital Partners. Throughout […]

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The Growing Subscription Service Model

I would love this post about subscriptions even without the yours truly quote. Subscription models are not going anywhere and frankly will be the way the universe works for, well, probably ever. They are ultimately good for end users and well as the vendors. From cPanel’s post, Join The Club: The Growing Subscription Service Model: […]

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cPanel Does WordPress

Since cPanel’s WordPress Toolkit was announced, they are actively focusing on hosts and I think the greater WordPress community to be the critical third leg in website hosting: WordPress, hosting, cPanel. A third of their recent articles focus on WordPress and I expect that pace to keep up or increase. WP CLI: Install and Manage […]

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Morning Coffee: Updates to Posts

Looks like today will be a number of tweaks and updates to posts from the last week. First Inpsyde CIO, Robert Windisch (DE), drops in with a quick thought in JAMmed Up: “WordPress targets in its philosophy to ‘Design for the Majority’ Jamstack will never be for majority of users.” Second yesterday’s cPanel Pricing Redux […]

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cPanel Pricing Redux

It looks like 2021 will be 2019. I can’t blame anyone for wanting to skip 2020. A little history is required. Before we dive into the pricing discussion, for those that aren’t in the know, cPanel is a web hosting control panel. You sign up with a host to build your next, but how […]