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DigitalOcean’s Premium Droplets

As you can imagine with the advent of cloud infrastructure (AWS, Google Cloud, Linode, Digital Ocean, Vultr, etc.) there has been a race for performance value. Digital Ocean (DO) is one of the more recognizable names and they announced performance going up to 11 back in February, Introducing Premium Droplets with faster Intel and AMD […]

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Patchstack Ramping Up

I’ve been really, pleasantly, surprised at what’s been going on with Patchstack since their acquisition of ThreatPress and rebrand from WebARX. To that end, they have ramped up their Red Team prize pool (note: not Deep Space 9’s Red Squad) and added a first batch of partners who will help democratize security reports for WordPress. […]

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Clouds Compared: AWS vs Azure

I honestly have to say I have never seen such a clean and thorough comparison between two cloud platforms – would’ve loved to see Google Cloud thrown in but then the compare may have run 10,000 words. From Kinsta, AWS vs Azure in 2021 (Comparing the Cloud Computing Giants): “The cloud computing industry has grown […]