We need to serve

My name is Robert Jacobi; over the past 11 years you may have met me attending or presenting at a JoomlaDay, Joomla! World Conference, or J and Beyond. You may have met me advocating for Joomla! at Sunshine PHP, Web Summit, a local meetup, or other industry event. I may have had the honor of serving with you as a teammate on the former Production Leadership and Finance teams. Joomla is part of my personal and professional heart and I am thankful that a project so important to the internet has a community that is equally vital.

One of the questions I am often asked is "what is Open Source Matters (OSM)?" It is a legal and dry description, bureaucratic in nature. OSM on paper is meant to protect the legal interests of the Joomla! project, and manage the financial aspects of the project. But OSM is much less: OSM is a servant, a servant to legal requirements, and a servant to the departments that create, educate, and evangelize the project known as Joomla.

The role of president is to lead in serving. The president must be able to fulfill all legal requirements, be accountable, be transparent, and serve the community. I believe that the president must be able to communicate with the community, advocate for Joomla globally, and serve departments towards specific goals.

We need goals

Without end users, we have no community; without a community, we have no support for Joomla; without Joomla!, we have no need for contributors; without contributors, we do not exist. The overall organization and leadership structure have been overhauled for greater transparency and accountability, and now the OSM board must work together to take the next steps towards furthering these goals:

  1. Improve financial reporting and budgeting
  2. Set Departmental and OSM metrics (e.g. increase number of contributors by 5%)
  3. Identify and plan for intellectual property
  4. Increase transparency and collaboration
  5. Aim for Joomla growth in sites, JUGs, etc.

We must set goals to succeed and be accountable for their success. I believe that planning, setting defined goals, and a great team will improve Joomla for all stakeholders.

We need to build

We need to recognize the immense contributions of Joomla community members from the past, but our legacy is not our future. We must encourage, grow, and advocate for new contributors. Technology, users, requirements, and people change. Understanding and managing tomorrow is the challenge and opportunity the OSM board has today.

I believe that we will not always agree, I believe that we come from different points of view, I believe that we have different needs: I believe that at the end of the day we must listen, be patient, acknowledge each other and strive for technology that solves problems today and tomorrow, as well as a community that supports listening, different points of view, addressing a variety of needs, and welcomes each other.

I am honored to be a part of Joomla and through service I believe Joomla has a bright and growing future.

Robert Jacobi