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Is Open Source Freemium?

Today’s inspiration arrives courtesy of Old Man Dan at OMD Ventures, Freemium-ization of Society: I expect free tiers for every new service. I didn’t know I had this expectation until I was outraged when met with “pay to play” services. Outrageous isn’t it? How dare they charge me for something without even giving me a […]

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How WordPress Are You?

Inspired by another newsletter (totally not in the technology arena), I bring you a quiz to see HOW WORDPRESS ARE YOU? If you want to know what the inspiring newsletter is, just contact me. You will be scored! Add up your numbers to be scientifically placed in your correct Custom Post Type. Q1: How do […]

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WPYall, Not for Yall

Well the first WordCamp of 2022 is now to be determined. WordCamp Birmingham aka WPYall has been postponed due to Covid, #WPYall Postponed Until Spring: As a result, the WordCamp Birmingham Organizing Team has unanimously decided to postpone WP Y’all until a future date in April or May when we can safely hold the event […]

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Open Sourced-ish Financial Model

Over at Ellipsis Marketing, Alex Denning announced today, Open sourcing our $2k financial model spreadsheet for WordPress businesses: Ellipsis’ financial model sheet is invaluable for getting insight into the performance of any WordPress business. It’s one of the tools we use to base our recommendations on for clients, allowing us to take decisions based on […]

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Joomla Mis-Discussed

There is a so much to say about Joomla but a huge discussion on Post Status over recent open source issues (see Open Source Support Crisis and More Open Source) is completely misunderstanding Joomla. What about the Joomla official marketplace precipitated its downfall? Are the factors/environment analogous to WordPress? Tbh, I’m not really sure how […]

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More Open Source

I’m quite happy that the difficulties of being an open source contributor are coming more and more into the public sphere. Bigger names with bigger audiences are getting into the mix, following my post Open Source Support Crisis, I came across Open Source Considered Harmful by the Morten Rand-Hendriksen. What’s good ol’ Morten have to […]

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OMG! I Understand web3

I am not going to say there is a be-all and end-all single simple definition of web3, but by golly My first impressions of web3 by Moxie Marlinspike nails the basics and goes into some interesting technical issues. This quote is particularly clarifying: I have only dipped my toe in the waters of web3. Looking […]

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Open Source Support Crisis

Another day, another story about the critical role open source software has for everyone. Let’s quickly remind ourselves of the last big open source crisis from less than a month ago, log4j. Justin Dorfman, writing at VentureBeat, What Log4Shell teaches us about open source security: And, finally, why does it always seem to take the […]

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Keep it Concise

“I won’t bore you.” “Let me get to the gist.” “Here’s the deal.” Why do we hear this all the time followed by a 30 minute “elevator pitch?” If you have to tell someone who you are then you’re doing something wrong. Actions speak louder than words. We give off so many subliminal hints, and […]